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Site Management

Site Management

With the new modern world there are more high-rise apartments and more people sharing one common area. In theory, a new board is elected every year to control and manage the budget and the common area but in practice the previous board can’t transfer their experience and knowledge to the new board. Even if some board would like to be sharing their experiences with their neighbours for longer than one or two years, the stressful work life and other factor cause unwilling board members those are expected to sacrifice their holiday or free times.

A professional administration company is required to

  • Track the maintenance fee payments of the residents
  • Track the court cases of unpayers of maintenance fees
  • Foresee the future problems of the residence and residents and offering solutions.
  • Guide the caretakers and security guards to work more efficiently
  • Help the residents with their needs like bills, repairs etc.
  • Be a consultant for each resident.
  • Manage the residence according to the property law.


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