TFK Management & Realtor - Alanya Interpreting Service


With our certified interpreters, we help you to solve all your problems with the official offices like notaries, police stations, title deed office. If a foreigner needs to do any kind of paper work in an official place he/she needs a certified interpreter to translate the documents. With our staff with certification of languages we help you to solve your problems in a faster and cheaper way. We can pick you up from your house and solve your problem and take you back to your house again. With our cheerful interpreters the paper work will be much easier to deal with.

If you need to translate a document, TFK Management takes the document and translates all your documents from Turkish to English, from English to Turkish, from Russian to Turkish, from Turkish to Russian, from English to Russian and from Russian to English. It takes maximum 4 days for the documents with 5-10 pages but for the documents less than 5 pages it takes maximum 2 days to translate all the documents.


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